jepegrafik / Péter Juhász - graphic and web designer

If you would ask me who I am, I’d say I am a graphic designer who is absolutely committed to his work. It can be a printed material or designing a website, for me functionality always comes first, and I can’t rest until I feel I put my best into it. When it comes to execution I’m persistent and precise, and I like the final result to meet the highest possible expectations.

I’m passionate in following the latest visual trends, and I’m dedicated to use the most up-to-date solutions in my work if they fit the project.

My work ranges from logo design through t-shirts to websites, and I also have programming experiences in Flash (AS2, AS3), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

I’m one of the thirty-something-year-old inhabitants of Budapest, Hungary. My mother tongue is Hungarian, but I don’t get confused if I have to speak in English. If I have the choice I rather work on a Mac, ride a bicycle, and only shave once a week.

If you would like to find out more, you can download my CV from here, also you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, but if you prefer just send me an e-mail to